APRIL 2010

Left to right, LA Marathon volunteers Martin Chenevert, M.D., Alyssa Johnson, R.N., Alison Wrigley, R.N.

SMUCLA Physicians and Nurses Volunteer at Marathon

For the first time in the L.A. Marathon’s 25-year history, the course extended into West Los Angeles and ended in Santa Monica, and SMUCLA volunteers were there to help. Martin Chenevert, M.D., and Dario McDonald, M.D., staff physicians in the hospital’s Nethercutt Emergency Center, provided medical care in the mobile hospital and medical-aid station set up near the finish line. They were joined by sports medicine fellows Marci Goolsby, M.D., Carlin Senter, M.D., and Ed Kimlin, M.D.

Three emergency nurses – Alison Wrigley, Alyssa Johnson and Gabriela Priklerova – also provided care in the medical stations near the finish line. “It’s my way of giving back to the community and those volunteers who supported me in the marathons and triathlons that I have done,” explained Alison, who has now volunteered at the past three events.

Meanwhile, Wally Ghurabi, M.D., medical director of emergency services, split his time between the finish line and the Intelligence Center set up at SMUCLA to monitor runners transferred to UCLA hospitals. William Dunne and Soraya Sutherlin from the Office of Emergency Preparedness staffed the center and provided email updates to key personnel at both campuses. Overall, 18 patients were transferred to SMUCLA and RRUCLA.