From left: Gen. Pete Chiarelli; Operation Mend patient, USMC Ret. Sgt. Octavio Sanchez; Gen. James Amos; Dr. Timothy Miller, professor and chief of plastic surgery at UCLA; Ret. Corp. Diane Cardile; Ret. Corp. Aaron Mankin; and Dr. Chris Crisera, assistant professor of plastic surgery.

Operation Mend Continues Its Healing

Operation Mend – a unique partnership between UCLA and Brooke Army Medical Center – continues to heal wounds of war

Since Operation Mend’s first patient, U.S. Marine Cpl. Aaron P. Mankin, was treated in 2007 with a successful series of facial reconstructive surgeries performed by Timothy Miller, M.D., chief of reconstructive and plastic surgery at UCLA and also a military veteran, five Marines and four soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan have undergone surgery at UCLA.

Recently, Gen. James Amos, 31st assistant commandant of the U.S. Marine Corp., and Gen. Pete Chiarelli, 32nd vice chief of staff of the U.S. Army, visited Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to learn more about Operation Mend and discuss ways to further expand the program.

Hopes are for Operation Mend to become a model to help build more military and civilian collaborations at institutions across the country to address the “other wounds of war,” such as traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorders.

“UCLA and Operation Mend are a testimony to the fact that we want to do our part to help support the troops. We all understand that there is a war on terror, but our piece is healing and mending and we want to contribute to that process. Together we can do wonderful things,” notes Gen. Chiarelli.

Find more information on Operation Mend, visit operationmend.ucla.edu