JULY 2009


Employee Opinion and Patient Safety Survey Results

Results of the most recent Employee Opinion and Patient Safety Survey show we have improved in most areas. “We had record participation in our survey this year, with 75 percent participation, up from 50 percent in 2007,” notes Kety Duron, director of Operations and Staff Development, UCLA Health System Human Resources.

The survey included 23 patient safety questions and 20 employee opinion questions. The scale ranged from one to five, one being “strongly disagree” to five being “strongly agree” and the average ratings in the employee opinion portion were 4.5 to 5, up from 2.5 and 3 in 2007. The patient safety culture portion also showed improvement.

“These survey results not only help us better understand and improve the ‘safety culture’ of our organization, but they also give us an insight into the effectiveness of our communication and management tools,” says Kety. “We appreciate everyone’s participation. Your opinion matters to us.”

To view the overall results, visit: http://hr.uclahealth.org/workfiles/2007-2009EOSSummary.pdf.