MARCH 2010


From left to right: Kathleen Weinstein, R.N., Shannon McCarville, R.N., Bita Zadeh, M.D., Holly Phelan, R.N., Bethany Fontenot, R.N., Patti Taylor, R.N., and Jessica Kubisch, R.N.

UCLA Health System Team Responds to Aftermath of Haitian Earthquake

In response to the tragic earthquake in Haiti and with the help of the military through Operation Mend, a doctor and six nurses were flown to Haiti to assist with medical relief efforts. The team was transported to Jacksonville, Florida, on Sunday, February 14, and from there was flown to the USNS Comfort, a 1,000-bed ship-turned-hospital operated by the U.S. Navy that is currently docked outside Port-au-Prince, the Haitian capital. The pilot UCLA team, lead by Patti Taylor, R.N., who previously served in the U.S. Army for 38 years, was in Haiti for two weeks.

UCLA Health System had already sent a half-ton of medical and surgical supplies to Haiti via Operation USA and worked alongside the Navy, which provided the team with transportation, room and medical supplies. The health system has also reactivated a leave program created to respond to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which allows hospital employees to donate their vacation time to the employees who volunteer in Haiti through UCLA.

To learn more and to watch a video, visit:

UCLA Operation Haiti Team
Shannon McCarville, R.N. – RRUCLA ICU
Bethany Fontenot, R.N. – RRUCLA ICU
Jessica Kubisch, R.N. – RRUCLA Pediatrics
Holly Phelan, R.N. – RRUCLA ICU
Patti Taylor, R.N. – UCLA School of Nursing, Operation Mend Nurse Volunteer and retired Army Lieutenant Colonel
Kathleen Weinstein, R.N. – SMUCLA Ortho/Spine
Bita Zadeh, M.D. – Anesthesiologist, SMUCLA