MARCH 2012


Institute for Innovation in Health

The Institute for Innovation in Health at UCLA aims to bring together innovators from across UCLA and beyond to deliver transformational change in healthcare by making major improvements in patient experience, care coordination and costs. Under the direction of Molly Coye, M.D., chief innovation officer, the initiative serves as a hub for collaboration between leadership and staff to provide support, offer tools, measure accountability and celebrate all contributions that transform the health system as a whole.

According to Dr. Coye, “When we listen to patients and to patients’ families, as we have learned to do at UCLA, and have respect for their concerns and needs, we can make the care we deliver so much more effective. By developing coordinated-care systems — such as UCLA’s CareConnect, our electronic health record — we can help physicians, nurses and others collaborate on patients’ care, track their results and support them even after they leave UCLA.”

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